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Why PV-Solar?

PV Solar Panels act as microgenerators and are the most cost-effective and natural way to power your home. PV panels generate electricity when exposed to any light, even on overcast and rainy days, and perform at their very best when hit by direct sunlight.

Think about future

The uncertainty of ever rising electricity prices is currently weighing on everyone and with the highest recorded costs to date, it is time to put a cap on this. 

Solar panels

Reduce Your Daily Energy Use

Bring some certainty back into your life by producing your own electricity and keeping it at your flat rate! 

Solar panels in Dublin North

Renewable and Sustainable Power Energy Sources

Ecological Way

Case Study

On the right you can see a graph that shows the production for an entire year, broken down into individual months. 

The data shown is based on a 7.44kW, 16 Panel System, installed on south-west facing roof in Athlone.

PVGIS is accepted by the SEAI as a method of yield calculations.

PVGIS is used to calculate how much energy you can get from different kinds of PV systems at nearly any place in the world.


YES – Depending on the size of your micro generation system. You can find an overview of grants available on this official SEAI overview.

This depends on multiple factors, such as your house’s orientation, the size of the system, the type of panels you are using and even the location of your house itself. As an example, our most popular 5.46kW system can produce up to 4690kWh per annum. This is based on a south facing roof, with a 30° pitch following standards set out in DEAP

This really depends on the size of the system, what roof material is used as well as the height of the roof but we’re  aim for 1-2 days between first visit and the completion of the install. 

Based on data available on www.cru.ie, the average Irish households consumes 4200kWh per annum.  

As reported in this article by the Irish Independent, the national buyback scheme will start in 2022. Further information can also be found on the official CRU website, specifically in this subsection

You are 100% correct with this assumption! Your solar panels will always produce more power during longer summer days but this does not limit you from reaping the benefits of all this electricity in winter as well. Surplus energy produced in summer will be sold to the grid and then bought back, once the days get shorter. (Smart Meter Required)

We are happy to arrange a quick call to go through your questions with you, as well as give you guidance to start your own personal green journey to a more sustainable life! 

Ecological Way

Our Solar Energy Safety Measures to prevent hazards

  • Expert Installation
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Use of Safety Equipment
  • Insurance

How Our Solar Team Works


Meet Consultant

Express your interest, doubts ideas and opinions. And our specialist will provide all relevant answers and clear all doubts and guidance for securing grants and loans.


Request qoute

Our technical experts will give you a visit and check all the technical possibilities and limitations and provide quote.



Before installation, we require a small deposit to be paid. In case we are not in a situation to install the system due to some technical reasons whole amount is refundable.

Solar installed and connected to grid

Installation & connection

Our team will professionally install solar equipment and connect you to the grid so you will be able to sell excess electricity on market.

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Solar System Services

Discover endless possibilities of solar panel system with our friendly staff

Transform your Irish home into an energy-efficient haven with our solar installations.

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