02 February, 2024



Hotpress installation Dundalk - Dublin Road

Residents in Dundalk were facing escalating energy costs and inconsistent hot water supply in their homes. The existing system was outdated and inefficient, often resulting in inadequate hot water and inconvenience. Seeking a solution that aligned with their commitment to sustainability, they approached Solaris Green Energy for a comprehensive hotpress Ariston installation.

Our Solution

  1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

    Our team conducted a comprehensive on-site consultation to grasp the specific requirements of the Dundalk, Dublin Road home. We engaged with the homeowners to understand their needs, preferences, and any particular considerations they had. Following a detailed assessment, we identified the need for an upgraded hot water system that would enhance efficiency and meet the household’s demands seamlessly.

  2. Customised Hotpress Ariston Selection

    Tailoring our solution to the property’s requirements, we recommended the installation of a cutting-edge hotpress Ariston system. This solution was chosen for its advanced features, including rapid heating capabilities and enhanced energy efficiency. By selecting the Hotpress Ariston, we ensured the homeowners would benefit from a reliable and cost-effective hot water solution that aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

  3. Professional Installation

    Our certified technicians executed the installation with precision and expertise. Every aspect of the installation, from the positioning of the hotpress to the integration with existing systems, was meticulously planned and carried out to ensure optimal performance and functionality. Thorough testing and calibration were conducted to guarantee that the hotpress Ariston system operated at peak efficiency.

  4. Performance Monitoring

    Post-installation, we implemented a robust monitoring system to track the performance of the hotpress Ariston system. This proactive approach allowed us to promptly address any issues and optimize the system for maximum efficiency. The homeowners were provided with user-friendly controls, empowering them to manage their hot water usage effectively and make informed decisions to minimize energy consumption.


  • Efficient Hot Water Supply: The installation of the hotpress Ariston system ensured a constant and reliable supply of hot water throughout the Dundalk, Dublin Road home, meeting the needs of the homeowners efficiently.

  • Energy Efficiency: With its advanced technology and energy-saving features, the hotpress Ariston system contributed to significant reductions in energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Seamless Integration: The installation was seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of the home, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to the new hot water solution.

User-Friendly Control: The intuitive controls of the hotpress Ariston system provided the homeowners with easy access to manage their hot water usage, enhancing convenience and control while promoting energy conservation.

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