07 October, 2023



Expert Heat Pump Installation Services in Longford

Homeowners in Longford were facing rising energy costs and inconsistent heating and cooling in their homes. The existing system was outdated and inefficient, leaving certain rooms uncomfortably warm in the summer and chilly in the winter. Seeking a solution that aligned with their commitment to sustainability, they approached Solaris Green Energy for a comprehensive heat pump installation.

Our Solution

1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

Our team conducted a thorough on-site consultation to understand the unique characteristics of the client’s home. We discussed their preferences, budget constraints, and the desire for an environmentally friendly solution. After a detailed assessment, we recommended a cutting-edge air-source heat pump system that would provide year-round comfort while significantly reducing energy consumption.

2. Customised Heat Pump System Selection

Taking into account the home’s size, layout, and the Smiths’ preferences, we proposed a state-of-the-art heat pump system with advanced features such as variable-speed technology for precise temperature control and a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for optimal efficiency. The selected system was not only powerful enough to meet their heating and cooling needs but also environmentally conscious.

3. Professional Installation

Our certified technicians carried out the installation with precision and care. The indoor and outdoor units were strategically placed for maximum efficiency and minimal visual impact. The installation process included thorough testing and calibration to ensure the system met our high standards for performance and energy efficiency.

4. Performance Monitoring

After installation, we monitored the system’s performance closely, addressing any potential issues promptly. The Smiths were provided with a user-friendly interface to monitor and control the heat pump remotely, allowing them to optimise energy usage based on their daily routines.


  • Year-round Comfort: The new heat pump system provided consistent and comfortable heating in winter and efficient cooling in summer, eliminating temperature variations throughout the home.

  • Energy Savings: The Smiths experienced a significant reduction in their energy bills, thanks to the high efficiency of the installed heat pump system.

  • Environmental Impact: The environmentally friendly features of the heat pump aligned with the Smiths’ commitment to sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint.

  • User-Friendly Control: The intuitive control interface allowed the Smiths to manage their home’s climate effortlessly, ensuring comfort and energy savings.

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